Individual therapy is a collaborative process between you and your therapist.  It is a time in which you can address what is happening in your life, and assess what you need and want to change. In times of distress we are all tempted to resort to old patterns of coping that may not work anymore. Depression, anxiety, feeling stuck or distracted are all indicators that you are not getting what you need. Counseling offers new skills and perspectives on how to respond to your feelings of distress. It is the process of recognizing choices and understanding your experiences in a way that enable you to grow and heal.

Some of the issues that bring people to therapy are:                

     Life transitions such as moving, changing jobs, marriage, divorce
     Challenges with parenting       
     Feeling empty, or alone                                 
     Frequently feeling afraid or stressed                
     Frequently feeling frustrated or angry                
     Difficulty maintaining satisfying or lasting relationships                
     Struggling with your identity or self esteem                
     Engaging in addictive behaviors, eating problems, or self-harm                
     Managing ADD or ADHD symptoms                
     Experiencing loss, grief or illness                
     Dissatisfaction with work                
     Feeling sad, depressed or having suicidal thoughts

Having an unbiased other to walk with you as you encounter the painful parts of life can give a fresh perspective, added strength, and a steady support as you attempt new responses. 
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist