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Are you feeling tired, unmotivated, or alone?  Are you feeling more distant or disconnected from your partner or your family?  At times when our relationships aren't working well, we are more susceptible to feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or depressed. Adults and children alike need a trusted other to turn to, especially when change or transitions are taking place. Sometimes we all get lost and can't find our way back to who we used to be.  But when the usual fixes aren't working and we feel unsure what to do, it is time to talk to someone.

Counseling is a chance to dedicate time and attention to reconnecting with ourselves and our loved ones so that we can return to or begin fully living our lives. By pausing, looking deeply at what is happening inside, and at how we are relating with those closest, the ways we are stuck comes into view.

Meaningful change can start today.
You can alter the direction of your life.
I  welcome your questions on how I
might be able to support you in making
your life the one you want it to be.

Marie Hopper, LMFT
(510) 919-1110

Marriage and Family Therapist

Offices in El Cerrito and in Lafayette

Counseling for adults, couples, adolescents