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When your daily routines aren't working and you feel anxious, distressed and alone,  unsure what to do, it is time to find support.

Sometimes our anxiety, stress and frustration get the best of us.  And when it does, our daily life can become more of a challenge. We see the impact when our relationships aren't as satisfying, or we feel increasingly susceptible to feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or depressed. In times like these you need to take a closer look at what is happening inside of you and at the decisions you are making.  

Counseling is a chance to dedicate time and attention to how we live day to day.  If it is hard to focus, we can discover what is causing the distraction. If you are feeling misunderstood we can work on reconnecting  with a significant other. If you are loosing motivation, we can explore how you prioritize what matters most to you.  

By pausing, looking deeply at your choices, moods 
and thoughts, and at how you are relating with those
you care about, then the things you need to change
come into view.

Meaningful change can start today. You can alter the 
direction of your life.  I  welcome your questions on how I 
could support you in making your life more fulfilling.

Marie Hopper, LMFT
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Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Offices in Albany and in Lafayette

A new direction begins with with a first step.